Acoustical Solutions in a Post-COVID World

One of the most significant realizations arising from the pandemic is the importance of acoustics in the office environment. With many employees conducting virtual meetings in noisy open office environments or acoustically-challenged conference rooms, the demand for acoustic control beyond what noise-canceling headphones and microphones can provide has become much greater compared to pre-COVID times.

As companies have started to offer flexible, hybrid office spaces to its employees in the post-COVID world, these new hybrid office spaces require more ambient noise mitigation, sound masking and acoustic management in open office environments, conference rooms, and shared spaces. Since 2021, Bright Light Digital has completed multiple projects that have improved the acoustics in commercial offices. From sound masking speakers to acoustical tiles and baffles, Bright Light Digital can assist companies and organizations with making their workspaces more comfortable to employees, remote workers and customers. Contact us for more information on the different acoustic products offered.

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